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Welcome to AGAPE-BIBLIA!
(previously Hyper-Biblia)

Glory to You,
O Christ,
our God!


"You study the scriptures thoroughly, because you think in them you possess eternal life, and it is these same scriptures that testify about Me."
- John 5:39

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Agape-Biblia runs on the WWW under Windows, Linux or MacIntosh using the modern HTML5 browsers. Agape-Biblia contains over 25,000 cross-references from the Russian Synodal Translation as hypertext "hot links," and more!

Also Discover Original Christianity and Agape Restoration Society!

OF AGAPE-BIBLIA is now available.
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Our modules can access any verse in Agape-Biblia. The modules are:

BOOKS: Go to our "Biblical Learning Center," click on Resources, then select the book you want to read.

Click on "Compare Russian and English", or click on the link in each chapter of Agape-Biblia, then click on one of ".-. . . . ." to see each version. Each chapter of Agape-Biblia dynamically links to each chapter in the other versions. You can also download and use each one of these Bibles as a stand-alone module.

Agape-Biblia's many useful hypertexted appendices include...

You can...

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